Starting At Kookaburra

Arrival & Departure of Children

Please follow the following steps when dropping your child off: 

  • Please bring your child to their allocated room.
  • We will not receive children from the front gate, office, in the carpark or the outdoor play areas.
  • Please ensure that a staff member knows that your child has arrived and has accepted them for care for that day.
  • Sign your child in at our “Sign in/out Kiosk” provided in the foyer in each building
  • After signing them in, allow some time to settle them in before leaving eg. Getting them involved in an activity.

 What should your child bring? 

A back pack or a bag large enough to hold:

  • Two sets of spare clothing
  • A pair of shut shoes.
  • Sterilised Bottles with formula. 
  • The Educators will mix the formula as needed.
  • A water bottle with your child’s name on it.

Please dress your child in clothes that they can easily change themselves.