Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for Child Care Support?

Child Care Subsidy
Child Care Subsidy is available to all families who are Australian Residents if the child meets immunisation requirements and parents meet eligibility requirements. Entitlement is determined by an activity test which determines the number of hours of subsidised care to which families are entitled.

Hours of activity per fortnight Maximum number of hours of subsidy per fortnight
8 hours to 16 hours 36 hours
More than 16 hours to 48 hours 72 hours
More than 48 hours 100 hours

A broad range of activities meet the activity test requirements, including paid work, self-employment, unpaid work in a family business, active job hunting, volunteering or studying. You can also include reasonable travel time to and from a place of activity to the centre. In two parent families, both parents must meet the activity test, and subsidy hours are calculated on the lower number where parents have different levels of activity. There are exemptions for parents who legitimately cannot meet the activity test requirements. Low income families who do not meet the activity test can access 24 hours of subsidised care per fortnight.

The percentage of subsidy a family receives is based on their estimated combined annual income.

All families wishing to access Child Care Subsidy need to complete an online Child Care Subsidy assessment through their myGov account. Assessment asks families to provide information about their expected combined family income, activity level of parents and types of child care service being used.

The Additional Child Care Subsidy may be available to help support:

  • families needing help to support their children’s safety and wellbeing
  • grandparents on income support who are primary child-carers
  • families in temporary financial hardship
  • families moving to work from income support

Families can claim Child Care Subsidy or Additional Child Care Subsidy online by signing into their myGov and completing a Child Care Subsidy claim. If eligible, the Subsidy will be paid directly to the service on families’ behalf and we will reduce the fees owed. This can occur after our service enters families’ enrolment information online, and families confirm their enrolment information through their myGov account. Until Child Care Subsidy details are available, families will need to pay full fees.

Families are entitled to receive Child Care Subsidy for up to 42 days where their child is absent, for example due to illness, public holidays and parental leave. Evidence to support these absences is not required. Additional absence days may be available if they meet the situations outlines in the Family Assistance Law and there is evidence to support these. For more information, visit

How do I organise a tour of Kookaburra EL?
We would love to show you around our centre and answerer any concerns you may have.
Please call Naomi, our director, on 666 254 22 or  Email: 3.

What are Kookaburra EL’s operating hours?

  • Monday to Friday; 6.30 am - 6.30 pm; Open 52 weeks a year.
  • We close on gazette holidays only.

Do you close for holidays or public holidays?
No. We only shut for the gazetted public holidays. 5.

What is included in the fees?

  • 12 hours of care per day.
  • All meals and snacks are provided by Kookaburra EL. except for breakfast.
  • Our cook, caters for children with special dietary needs or allergies.
  • Nappies are provided.

Does my child pay by hour?
No. You pay for a full 12 hours per day regardless of the number of hours he/she attends. 7.

What if my child has food allergies?
You need to provide us with written information and/or an action plan from your physician advising us of your child’s allergies, special dietary needs or illness and we will assist you. We cater for special dietary needs and you are welcome to speak to Stacey, our cook. 8.

What do I need to pack for my child’s day at Kookaburra EL?

  • A back pack or a bag large enough to hold:
  • A pair of shut shoes.
  • Sterilised Bottles and formula. Educators will mix the formula as needed.
  • A water bottle with your name on it.
  • A favourite soft toy to rest with. Please ensure they are clearly labelled.
  • A hat with a brim. Your child will be given a Kookaburra Hat when enrolling.
  • A set of cot sheets for children over 2 yrs of age.Sheets are provided for children 6wks-2yrs.
  • Two portions of fruit and/or vegetables.
  • Two sets of spare clothing. (Pack clothing according to the weather, hot/cold)
  • Please dress your child in clothes that they can easily change themselves.Provide clothing that is protective and “Sun-Smart” e.g. T-Shirts and dresses with sleeves. No shoe-string dresses. 

What will you be teaching my child?
At Kookaburra Early Learning we recognise the importance of unique learning and developmental opportunities to ensure your child’s quality educational experience. We aim to lay a strong foundation for future success in education by extending and enriching your child’s learning.

We use the national Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to guide our programs. Our programs are created to enhance development by meeting the children’s individual needs. Each child will be pace guided to develop individually according to his or her unique, individual way. 10

Do you provide meals?
Yes, all meals and snacks are provided by Kookaburra EL. except for breakfast. Our nutritious meals are prepared by a qualified food handler and all our menus are approved by a Munch and Move nutritionist to ensure we meet the daily nutritional requirements.

We have a four week rotating menu as well as a summer and winter menu. We are happy to share our recipes with our families so please ask our cook, if you would like take some home. (Keeping in mind that our recipes cater for serves of 86).

Please ensure that you inform us of any special dietary needs, food allergies or religious requirements your child may have. Where possible, we will cater for these provided families provide us with information pertaining to the specific diet and/or allergies; and must be from a qualified physician.
We only provide water or milk to drink.

Do you provide a Pre-School curriculum?
Yes, we do. Your child will be ready to go to school once they leave Kookaburra EL. Please read more: (read more) 12.

Do you provide After School Care?
Yes, we do. Our After School Care program is based on ‘My Time, Our Place’, a framework for School Age Care in Australia, to provide children with opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a strong foundation for future success in life while enjoying heaps of fun.
We do not provide transport. Our Educators will fetch your child from the bus. (read more)

Do you do Vacation Care?
Yes, we do. Take the hassle out of finding things to do for the school holidays. Vacation Care offers hours of fun and laughter with Miss Leticia & Miss Jade. (read more)

Does my child need to be immunised?
Yes, it is compulsory for your child to be immunised. At Enrolment we require you to provide us with a copy of your child’s immunisation certificate (from MediCare).