Our Goals

Our children

  • To encourage your child’s voice to be heard and acted upon.
  • To encourage learning through play and making the curriculum a fun based experience.
  • To identify and cater for learning needs, interests and aspirations of every child, while following the Early Years Learning Framework Program.
  • To develop, and support every child to give him a ‘Smart Start’ for life long learning.
  • To prioritise the connection between well being and learning.
  • To provide for the psychological, emotional & social needs of our children.
  • To provide a physically safe and secure environment where your child can learn, have fun and develop.
  • To encourage awareness and respect of diverse cultures and special needs of others.
  • To provide nutritional meals to sustain physical energy and concentration.
  • It is ultimately about putting our children first and providing opportunities throughout all our activities to reach their potential.

Our families

  • We will provide the program “Educa” to enable parents to interact, become involved and follow their child’s daily program, activities and progress.
  • To encourage our families to participate and interact in their child’s educational program.
  • To create a positive straff-family relationship by inviting our parents to partake in classroom activities.
  • We will provide a website to enable parents to interact, become involved and follow their child’s daily program, activities and progress.
  • We value your input and encourage open communication to exchange and introduce new ideas, policies and programs to enhance your child’s education and quality care.
  • To provide a service that meets the needs of both our children and families.
  • To act as a link between families and other community services.
  • To respect the cultural, social and special needs background of each child and family.

 Our Management and staff goals:

  • Maintain positive relations within the team.
  • Encouraging our staff to attend workshops, seminars and conferences.
  •  To keep our staff up to date with the latest requirements & changes in the child care industry.
  • Encouraging our employees to continue their education in Early Childhood Education.

Our Community:

  • Our aim is to be recognised as the leading educational provider in Early Learning Childhood and Quality Child Care, in our community by giving your child a ‘Smart Start’.  Our team is dedicated and passionate to deliver excellence.
  • We aim to network with other community services to enable us to provide useful links to our families.


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